krystal banner

Krystal Banner is a multi-hyphenate creative who is passionate about using color and culture to create art/products that are approachable, accessible and relatable. After spending over ten years as an engineer and consultant, she decided to leave her career and follow her passion for art. She saw an opportunity to use her creativity to make art more inclusive, inviting a broader audience to connect and feel seen. Krystal founded Kaleidadope in 2017, which has been recognized in multiple publications. In addition to her unique greeting cards and gifts, she is also a published author (Hay House) and illustrator of a range of original card decks. She is a Certified Card Reader expert and a professional intuitive who explores the duality of spiritual and secular themes. She is also passionate about positivity, mental health and wellness.

She recently re-discovered her love for painting after launching Kaleidadope. Her style is highly influenced by pop culture, her childhood and graphic design amongst other things. Working primarily in acrylics, her paintings are colorful and bold, using minimalism to display multiple layers of symbolism.  Her work explores nostalgia, iconic imagery, Black culture and healing from a millennial perspective.  Krystal is currently based out of the Washington, DC metro area.